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Child Care at HCC

Child Care at HCC

The Children's Learning Center (CLC) is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and has achieved Level 5 in the Maryland EXCELS quality rating program. The CLC is dedicated to serving the needs of young children by providing a high quality early childhood program within a safe, nurturing environment. The program supports the child care needs of HCC students, faculty, and staff and provides a learning laboratory for college students interested in working with young children.

Children are accepted at the age of two through the age of five. The Children's Learning Center is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., 12 months a year. Evening child care may be offered based on sufficient enrollment. The CLC follows the college calendar and is closed for observed holidays and staff training days. It also follows the college's inclement weather policies.

July 2019 - June 2020 Tuition Rates

  1 Block*      
Student Rate a.m. p.m. Day Week
Tiny Tots $23.50 $21 $35 $140
Preschool/Pre-K $21 $19 $30 $121
Faculty/Staff Rate a.m. p.m. Day Week
Tiny Tots $37 n/a $47 $183
Preschool/Pre-K $31 n/a $41 $164
Community Member Rate a.m. p.m. Day Week
Tiny Tots $39 n/a $50 $195
Preschool/Pre-K $32 n/a $44 $175
  • *A "Block" is a half day of service, either a.m. (7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) or p.m. (12:30  6 p.m.).
  • Children must be enrolled for at least two blocks or two days per week.


  • Application Fee:  $25 per child; due at the time of application.
  • Materials Fee:  $50 per year; due August or at enrollment
  • Registration Fee: $50 per semester to hold space if there is a break in enrollment

Payment Schedule & Policies

  • Weekly tuition is determined according to the days and times a child is enrolled. Tuition is charged for the entire semester or session that a child is enrolled. Parents will sign a contract agreeing to tuition rates and policies. To qualify for student rates the parent must be registered for a minimum of 6 credits (fall & spring) or 3 credits (summer).
  • Tuition may be charged by the semester (with financial aid agreement) or will be charged monthly; payments may be made weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The full payment for the month is due by the 15th of each month.
  • Tuition will not be reduced or waived for partial attendance and days cannot be switched or made-up due to illness, family vacation, or other reasons. Child care tuition is charged for other days when the Center is closed due to scheduled holidays, professional development, weather or emergency closing.
  • Two weeks written notice is required for withdrawal from child care. The parent is responsible for payment of these two weeks.
  • Vouchers from the MD State Department of Education will be accepted. Parents are responsible for any assigned co-payments or differences between voucher payment and tuition rates.
  • Failure to pay fees may result in dismissal. Outstanding balances at the end of a semester or enrollment period will be forwarded to the State Central Collection Unit. Checks returned for insufficient funds will incur a $35 returned check fee.

Applications & Brochures

Group at the children's learning center